Welcome to Inner Self Care!

How many times do you say to yourself “That was so stupid of me!” or “I hate the way I look!”?

Are you worried about what others think, to the point where you constantly chase some new diet, exercise or vitamin plan to make you feel better about yourself? And then, no matter what the new thing is, that same voice comes back and starts you down the same path again?

My name is Gina Barbara and I have been a stressed-out, fear-filled perfectionist and professional worrier. I decided that I wanted my life to be more fulfilling, so began a life of self-discovery where I learned how to re-connect to my body and my inner self, which helped me create the life that I truly wanted for myself.

How did I do this? That full answer could fill volumes of books, but here is the short overview:

  • I transformed my relationship with myself - Through my personal experience working with a coach using techniques that included meditation, breathing awareness, visualization, working with colors and body energy healing. This is where your transformation process starts.

  • I redefined my relationship with food: As I learned more about my internal pain and how I was using food to comfort myself, I began to choose differently when it came to what I put in my mouth and why. Food is merely an external source that distracts us from the inner self.

  • I reconnected with others: When my view of myself changed, my reactions to others around me also changed, and for the better. Once again, I could use an external source of blaming someone else for not getting along with them, when, in fact, when I pay attention to my internal pain that drives my reaction, I take responsibility for my interaction with the person in front of me.

My passion is in helping others change their lives through connection to their inner self. Using my experience and intuition, I offer help through one-on-one consultations, Skype sessions, workshops or writings such as my future blog posts.

I invite you to take the next step to lead the fulfilling life that you want. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay connected or contact me to talk about your challenges and how I might be able to help you!

To your inner wellness,


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