Gina is a passionate soul adventurer, an artist of the word and symbol, a lover of wisdom and student of life.  From her own experience transforming her relationship with herself, food and the world, she now shares her gift of unique coaching and energetic healing style to motivate clients wishing to nurture and nourish themself, others and the planet.


Her commitment to growth and understanding has prompted her to participate in many evolutionary modalities involving the mind body and spirit over the years, including Transpersonal Coaching, Holistic Counselling, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, and EFT.


Gina is committed to embodying, sharing, and inspiring others to live their Brilliance Beyond Measure. “I continue to discover many more parts of myself that were left buried underneath my fear. Today I practice self-care in a special loving way which allows me to support others in pain to discover the parts of themselves to which they have lost connection.”


Counselling Cert; Dip Transformational Life Coaching; Colour Therapy Lv III; Crystal Healing Cert, EFT Cert. and many other modalities.